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Director's Words

    As a member of the city government, it is our unshakable responsibility to make Kaohsiung an internationalized city and build a vision of “An Honest Government, A Blissful City.” It is also what our citizens have wished for. The city government’s continual efforts in innovative, yet practical municipal development aim to achieve high administrative efficiency and provide high-quality services, to further recreate prosperity in this harbor city.

    A clean, uncorrupted government unquestionably plays an important supporting role in maintaining the international competitiveness of Kaohsiung City. With our philosophy of ethics, which emphasizes benefit promotion, corruption prevention, and sincere service, we assist in administrative work that promotes benefits and keep an eye on ethics. Nevertheless, sustainable municipal development relies heavily on the support, attention, and suggestions from the citizens. Please report to us if you find out any corrupt or unlawful behaviors among our government staff. Your cooperative efforts will help us build an honest, competent government.