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About Us

    Promoting government integrity and clarifying administration of officials are the important objectives of government reformation, and also the significant job duties of the Department. The Executive Yuan incorporated the Security Department into the Personnel Department and named it as the Second Department of Personnel for distinction. Because of the incomplete systems and functions of organization, the Ministry of Justice started formulating the Establishment Regulation of Government Ethics Officials. And, the regulation was passed by the Legislative Yuan on June 16, 1992 and proclaimed by the President on July 1 of the same year. For executing the regulation, the Executive Yuan immediately prepared the reform affairs. After accomplishing the stipulated procedure of budget and members of organization, the Department of Government Ethics and its subordinate Civil Service Ethics Offices are established on January 18, 1993.

    The Department is headed by a Director, and has Deputy Head, Chief Secretary, and Senior Specialist. Also, there are Secretariat and three sections. The respect duties are as follows:

    Secretariat│TEL: (07) 3373662

      In charge of the management and examination of general affairs, paper works, purchase, and accountancy

    General Affairs Section│TEL: (07) 3313673
      Personnel management, protection of the public secret affairs, and security
    Prevention Section│TEL: (07) 3313644
      Prevention from corruption, propaganda of laws and regulations, and report of public official’s property.
     Investigation Section│TEL: (07) 3313670
      Investigation of ethics and moral characters.
      responsible for annual auditing, accounting, and statistics.
      from the related organizations are in charge of the Administration of Personnel.

    After establishment, Ethics agencies are granted the responsibilities to promote government integrity, to advance pure and efficient politics, and to protect security of organization. When performing duties, officials should stay at the neutral position, and handle the affairs according to laws and regulations to spare no efforts to do the jobs well, and to build an upright and efficient government.