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Integrity Window

    The agency that accepts and handles the accusation shall keep secret the name, age, and address of the person who impeaches the corruption. Anyone who reveals the accusation documents, written records and other material of the person who accuses the corruption shall be punished in accordance with Criminal Law or other related laws. If the corruption is judged guilty, the government will grant a reward to the person accuses the corruption. The maximum amount of the award is 10 million NT dollars.

    1. TEL│(07) 3366673
    2. Integrity Hot Line (Free of charge)│ 0800-025025 
    3. Mail-box│ P.O. BOX 2299 Xinxing
          Kaohsiung City 80099 Taiwan(R.O.C)
    4. Fax│(07) 3313655 4. Fax│(07) 3313655 
    5. E-mail│
    6. Impeach personally│If citizens come to the Department for accusation or petition personally, there will be a specialist serving for them.